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Project Focus: Princes Hill

At GDP Interior Design, every day and every project is vastly different. We want to share some of the project back story with you, so you can see how the designs come to life.


Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Room Design, Princes Hill

It’s inspiring to me when health practitioners want to provide a very special experience to their clients and staff alike. They know that thoughtful therapy room design is the key to enhance the experience of the visit.

It stands to reason that you should feel at ease when going for medical or physical therapy appointments, but so many times health clinics are dated and dreary. It’s not particularly welcoming to take a number and flip a dated magazine or two. As a staff member, you spend a lot of time in your work space. A thoughtful interior can make a positive and productive difference to the working day.


A little lacklustre, with no cohesive colour palette or branding. In Melbourne’s inner northern, there are quite a few health clinics and so it’s important to stand out and make a good impression, even if your service and expertise are second to none.


The client has a multi faceted approach to physical healthcare, not only following classic therapeutic methods but also combining newer and alternate therapies.  We took the figurative sketches from the old masters to represent the classic method of treatments and portrayal of the human figure, and also added some layered typology expanding the concept and treatment styles. We worked closely with our graphic design team and signage experts to make the concept wall come to fruition.

The earthy colours are naturally soothing and inviting. We took colour cues from the existing terracotta flooring and added further bronze, olive and soft teal colours for cooler contrast. Some items were purchased new, and others simply recovered or re-fashioned into a new lease of life.  This is not only great for the environment but it adds a warm, sentimental effect when objects have a little history.

The funny thing that occurred next is that I became the client, and have since not missed a Chiropractic appointment! I’ve learnt a lot about the benefits and am thankful the project came my way.

Let us know what you think!


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