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Deep and meaningful photography

Do you wonder how on earth to choose art for your home? Where do you begin? What is the value in it? Should you choose abstract, realistic, photography or painting?

“A splash of yellow” Photo reproduced courtesy of Matty Smith Photo
“A splash of yellow” Photo reproduced courtesy of Matty Smith Photo

The answer is incredibly simple…  go with your gut.

I rarely make impulse purchases, but when I saw this wonderful photography by Matty Smith Photo I had to buy it for my favourite client… ME!  That’s right, Happy Mother’s Day to me!  Let me tell you what I like about it.

Firstly, nature is my go-to for inspiration. My own art regularly features rocks and foliage; not usually the underwater kind, but that’s a whole other world to explore. I can’t help but appreciate the naturally occurring forms, patterns and colours of the great outdoors.

Apart from the obvious talent of taking beautiful photos whilst treading water, I LOVE that what you see above the waterline is bleak weather, grey, hard rocks, seemingly mountainous obstacles. But just under there, if you scratch the surface (or indeed dive in and take a look) you’ll find the golden treasure. The blooming life of the party.

That is a fabulous metaphor for life, don’t you think? Sometimes you just have to dive in to reap the rewards. Sometimes underneath or after the most difficult hurdles that life throws at you, are the golden nuggets of progress and healing.

And THAT is what I love about art. I don’t know what the photographers’ angle represents to him, but that’s what I see. You just have to be open to what attracts you and find – or invent your own message.

Making a designated time to ‘shop’ for art is not really the way to go. I really believe it needs to jump out at you, and if not, then don’t invest in it. I once had a client with a beautiful painting of a rooster over the mantel. She loved it. It was bright, bold and it brought her joy. And fair enough… it was a good looking rooster!

It might feature your favourite colour or flower, it might be your favourite city to visit or may just convey a mood you relate to. That’s the beauty of art and photography, it’s so subjective.  Put simply; choose what you like. Just run it past your interior designer (wink, wink) before you frame and hang it, people! Many mistakes to be made in that area!

I strongly encourage you to look over at  Matty Smith Photo and simply appreciate the marvel of underwater life, as he documents it. The passion for his craft is most obvious and admirable. In his own words, Matty explains his photographic style aims to familiarise the viewer with the majestic sights and sensations of deep sea diving. If you look across his portfolio, you’ll get it loud and clear.

While I wait for my new purchase to arrive, I’d better go and find (make) some empty wall space!

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend to you all ladies, Mothers or otherwise… x GDP

P.S We often find that our clients have great art already, but perhaps in the wrong place or unflatteringly displayed.  To re-organise your art hanging at home or for re-framing enquires, contact us today. We love it!

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