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April find of the month: Wall coverings with oodles of style

At GDP Interiors, we bring you a little insider peek into some special products on a regular basis, with our 'Find of the month'.

I love French Design. There; I said it. You might conjure up images of Provence, and elegant shabby chic, but that’s not quite the French fancy that I intend. The style I speak of is younger, fresher, with fabulous colour mixes and wild patterns, and enduring quality. In particular, April’s find of the month is a new collection of wallcoverings – from France – for your home Interior.

Why you need to cover your walls!

Wallcoverings add a totally new dimension to interior rooms. They add a higher level of texture and colour (if selected well) and they do this without taking up valuable floor space. Pattern is not always desirable, in which case there are many plain textures that still make large impact, but if you’re a bit more adventurous the selections of patterns available is MIND BLOWING.

The particular design I discovered this month is new, from the Casamance Estampe Collection. It is a vinyl faced, textured wallcovering with a very unique design in the following colours:

Image Courtesy of Casamance Official
Image Courtesy of Casamance Official

This design is not for everyone, maybe not for you, but it is only one of many. It caught my attention because it looks like a lino carved texture, and I love any artistic reference. Also the palette of colours is very user friendly. They all feature the neutral off white, but have some nice strong combinations used with it.  From my close up images, it looks a little busy, but with distance, and a modern aesthetic, it can give quite a pleasing effect, see image on right:

As used in the style shoot above, you could easily just do a feature wall here and there, but if you prefer an all around the room application, there are plenty of beautifully textured plains that I can recommend. Lastly, you’ll need an installer that truly knows what to do. I’m not personally an advocate of DIY, but whatever floats your boat!

GDP Interior Design is a stockist of Casamance Fabrics and wallcoverings. Enquiries welcome!

Until next month,


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