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Small scale multipurpose room

Home office in a laundry? Why not...

Early 2021, with everyone's realization that working from home would be here to stay, this Reservoir family had a good, lateral think about using every square inch of their home to add an office space. And not just by means of popping a desk in a random room, but wanting to create an intentional, purpose built space.

It turned out that the largest available space was in the generous laundry, but the two purposes were fairly mismatched. There was also the matter of including appliances, and a wine fridge within... it started to get tricky. A small win was the fact that the extra toilet was no longer needed so we quickly snapped up that real estate and put it to more valuable use.

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We began by designing the largest possible desk for the space and orientating it to the best lit, most inspiring corner of the room overlooking the deck - through a new, enlarged window. Above the desk, we allocated a combination of open and closed storage. Below it but out of the way, we added the fancy wine fridge. The desk can suit 1-2 people when needed.


Next, we turned our attention to the laundry aspect of the room, essentially taking up all of the existing toilet space to do so. The window was kept in tact to light the bench area naturally. Joinery was planned with specificity, behind the combination wide range hinge and folding doors.

The finishes were kept simple in White Linen laminate panels and Sublime Teak desktop and accents by Laminex. Reconstituted stone top was used in the laundry with an undermount ceramic trough. ABI pull out tapware and Kethy hardware in warm copper with emerald green subway tile creates a pretty corner vignette.

The room now has two distinct halves and purposes, but they work well side by side. The feeling of sitting in the home office is not necessarily marred by having a laundry nearby - and if there is some washing going on at the same time, the front loader and bi-folds keeps that sound down to a minimum.

Likewise, being relegated to the laundry is now a nicer experience, with more natural light, a pop of colour and a place for everything...

Slow and steady, but another lockdown renovation success! - GDP

Design: GDP Interior Design

Photos, coffee, styling: client :)

Joinery: Kitchens by Matric

Building credits: Julian Constructions

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