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Light-filled kitchen transformation!

This kitchen in leafy Rosanna, Melbourne, sits right in the centre of the home. Previously dark (and a little dowdy!) it had two entry points into the room itself, a window, and also a large servery opening into a family room. Having lots of wall openings typically increases traffic flow and reduces wall space to position storage. This calls for more considered planning.

Contrary to what you'd imagine, even with links into other spaces the kitchen still felt dark and disconnected... and a little like being trapped in the middle of the home!

Our clients engaged us to design a layout with the ultimate functionality for this challenging space. Like many of our awesome clients, they had done so much homework and had a really refined idea of their style, mainly wanting us to ensure it would function as nicely as it would look.

Before images

Often times larger kitchens are trickier to plan than compact ones. It's a fine balance between minimizing walking from one task to another, yet not overcrowding one part of the room.

We first addressed the existing bulky pantry by designing a whole wall of fridge and pantry spaces. That's right, a whole wall! Colour blocking it in charcoal disguised the various depths and created a dramatic backdrop to the balance of white kitchen. We added a timber feature to link it across to other elevations and floor colour.

Another huge factor was the natural light, and connection to outdoors. Enter the most magnificent skylight, with motorised blinds for light and heat control.

Still shots of motorised blinds, in motion

Part of the brief was a new, large servery window into the entertaining space outdoors, so we needed the sink out of the way. When planning a sink facing a wall, you must consider what you'll face when you're standing there! So we designed savvy open timber storage which is not bulky, keeps the natural light flowing through and makes way for changing displays.

The finishes were kept simple in two tones of satin 2pac paint, reconstituted stone benchtops and timber veneer details. To add some pattern and texture we used an undulating finished tile and contrasting grout. The kitchen features a large proportion of bench space for working and serving purposes, with generous sink bowls and very well appointed appliances; apparently cooking's a breeze when you have a self-cleaning oven!

Now the space not only functions well, but is a more fitting space to be called "hub of the home".

To see more images of this project, go to Rosanna Kitchen in our gallery.

Building credits: Jon Coates

Design/styling: Giulianna del Popolo

Professional photography: Kate Hansen Photography

Tell us what you think of this transformation below!


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