Trash into treasure! Sustainability in action – Part Two

Trash into treasure! Sustainability in action – Part Two

At GDP Interiors, we bring you a little insider peek into some special products on a regular basis, with our “Find of the month”.

Find-of-the-Month, first for 2018!


Ever wondered what exactly comes of our recycled plastics? Would you believe if we told you that the ubiquitous P.E.T plastic bottle can be recycled and woven into the most unexpectedly pretty curtaining fabrics? Read on!

This is a really exciting and ingenious product. Truly. We all hear “sustainability” and “recycling” words bandied around, and it’s really fabulous to see proof. Christian Fischbacher of Switzerland have released a truly sustainable range of furnishing fabrics.  The print above, named “Splash” features a lovely tropical scene with ombre effect running through it in watercolour hues. It comes in the cool colourway pictured, and also autumnal range (below).  It has a very light, breezy weight and would be superb as drapes along side French doors, in a well lit summery room. Or even a lightly quilted bedspread, atop an indigo denim valance and upholstered bed head. Limitless.

Autumnal colourway

Apart from the things you could do with it, it’s equally exciting to note how it is made.  This is where the PET bottles come in. They are collected, cleaned and sorted, melted down and then spun into polyester filament yarns which are woven into the fabric. Amazing. Next, an environmentally friendly inket process is used to transfer the intricate ombre print onto the fabric.

As a designer and a consumer, it’s uplifting to know you can use something beautiful whilst endorsing ingenious and progressive technology.  It is the perfect antidote to the soulless consumerism of cheap mass produced furnishings out there in our supermarket sized retailers.  Should we buy often, or buy well? I know where I stand on that one!

The Benu Recycled product range can be seen at is available through GDP Interior Design.

Until next month…

What goes on in “trade only” showrooms?
Visiting industry showrooms, product launches and trade events are a must for Interior Designers. Sometimes these products are only for viewing and purchase by professionals within the trade, for them to specify into your homes and projects.  It’s part of ensuring that designers have access to unique products that can’t be found in every other shopping centre. If you’re looking for unique items, consider approaching a qualified designer today.