Trash into treasure! Sustainability in action – Part One

Trash into treasure! Sustainability in action – Part One

At GDP Interiors, we bring you a little insider peek into special products on a regular basis, with our “Find of the month”.

Find-of-the-Month, final for 2017!

Personally, I have always loved wool. Whether it be my Kermit green worsted wool jacket that sadly no longer fits, or my well loved woollen upholstered armchairs; I have always loved how it feels and the properties that make it so versatile.

Now I found a wool I love EVEN MORE… a recycled one!

The fabrics pictured are from a brilliant range by Christian Fischbacher name Bemu Recycled. The whole range is manufactured from recycled materials with sustainable processes.

The feature of this month is named Remix and it has fashionable Italian relatives, much like I do.  The 70% wool component is made from unused fabric remnants from the Italian fashion industry! The discarded yardages and garments are first colour sorted, then shredded and eventually re-spun into the coloured waterfall in the image below.  That’s right, the whole process of dyeing has been eliminated, greatly reducing production costs and by-products.

It can be used in so many applications, drapery and upholstery alike. The 30% synthetic component gives the wool even more strength, making it suitable for commercial applications. As a curtain; you could not get better insulation, and what I love about the colours are that they are not totally solid.  They have interest and depth, because of the several interwoven strands and non-dyed process.

There are many industries out there embracing recycling innovation, I am pleased to be part of an industry which also does it beautifully. It matches in to our company ethos of buying once, and buying well.  Everybody loves a story and  this product definitely has a unique story of its own.

Product details can be seen at are available through GDP Interior Design.

Until next month…

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