Art prize for “Morning Light”

Art prize for “Morning Light”

Diamond Valley Arts Society, Annual Awards Show

If you live in Banyule and surrounds, chances are you may have heard of the Diamond Valley Arts Society. The society is approaching a 50 year milestone in the local community, being a home away from home for many professional and hobby artists alike.  Every October, we hold an Awards Show to showcase our works to the community and make a sale or two.

This year, I won the prize of Best in Show for a pastel painting titled Morning Light. It is from a photograph I took on the Sunshine coast, where I spotted the most magnificent variety of rocks imaginable. I wanted to show the texture, the colours and the way the morning light gave a wonderful back glow on the shapes.

I used a natural cardboard to work on, as I like the familiar brown colouring.  As it is too smooth for pastel adhesion I added some areas of white primer, some of black. This gave it more tooth for the chalk to grip onto.  So far as technique, there are some blended areas, some linear marks and some sections where I simply dragged the pastel around.

It is a large work by my standards, and has since been framed in a warm Acacia wood timber frame. Professional framing is a must, particularly with pastel. Dust particles can become loose and drop to the bottom of the matted area. I do quite a lot of framing and re-framing for my Interior Design clients, as it really makes or breaks an artwork and the room decor too.  Often the frames reference a particular decorating era and can trap the art into a time warp! All it needs is fresh eyes, a fresh matt and quality framing.

This work and others are currently available for purchase, and can be viewed at GDP Interior Design studio in Watsonia, Melbourne.  Other available works can be purchased through and even commissioned for a particular subject, size or space.

If original art is not on your list, we can also help you with purchasing high quality and limited edition prints, framing requirements or placement and hanging of the art you currently own.  This makes an enormous difference to the success of your interior styling! 


Talk to us today; art is our thing!


If this sparks an interest to create your own artworks, you too can join the Arts Society. For a very reasonable joining fee you have access to workshops, demonstrations and classes in a variety of mediums, for every age and stage.

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